Life Coaching Packages

I am based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where I conduct one-to-one sessions as well as one-to-one coaching worldwide via Skype. I also carry out coaching sessions and workshops at locations in the Kent and West Sussex regions.

Women face many emotional and physical changes in life which can affect their sense of identity, purpose or direction in life.

Some concerns may be:

  • Feeling that you lack purpose, are unfulfilled, or just unhappy
  • Feeling happy, but looking to improve in some way
  • Having doubts about the life choices you have made
  • Wanting to regain focus, or find purpose outside of your career
  • Having unrealistic expectations of yourself, or needing help to identify mental blocks or acts of self-sabotage
  • Procrastination and difficulty completing tasks
  • Lacking confidence to try new ideas, hobbies, or initiatives
  • Struggling with a relationship issue, whether single, married, divorced or bereaved
  • A change in your social dynamic as a result of a change in circumstances
  • Difficulty adapting to a new role, organising, planning, or managing finances
  • A feeling that life is unpredictable, or struggling with a change in family dynamics due to divorce, bereavement, or children leaving home
  • Feeling a partner is preoccupied and/or distant and that you have lost mutual areas of interest
  • Experiencing a life changing event which has made you question your own identity
  • Reaching a transitional period in life, or undergoing body changes (such as childbirth, menopause, the ageing process, or surgery), and this is having an impact on your self-image or self-esteem

6 one hour coaching sessions are taken one every other week over 3 months.

Throughout the sessions we explore aspects of your life that you feel will help in the process of future personal development. I will support you to achieve your aspirations and unlock your potential. Through conversation and the use of coaching tools I can help with confidence building, self-image and self-esteem. These techniques can identify obstacles to change, and improve positive body image and self-acceptance

I will support you in learning new skills or trying out new techniques for improving relationships or reinvesting in them. I can help you address limiting beliefs, repeating patterns and negative self-talk.

I can help you to gain the confidence to make decisions which enable you to live true to yourself.

The change that relocating to another country brings about can create new anxieties, or cause old fears to resurface.

Some issues you might face as an expat are:

  • Concern as to whether children are happy and settled
  • The change in language and culture, and feeling isolated by not understanding the new social rules and etiquette
  • Sadness at leaving friends and family behind
  • Missing out on family events or holidays due to distance
  • Feeling like friends at home will move on and you won’t fit in anymore
  • Having to fill time when the kids are at school
  • Feeling that you lack purpose or direction
  • Feeling defined by your partner’s career
  • Difficulty arranging or managing simple tasks due to language or environment
  • Change in diet, shopping, currency etc.
  • Learning to broaden your social boundaries, making friends with people you wouldn’t normally meet
  • Feeling lonely even though you aren’t alone
  • Adjusting to a transient lifestyle and friendships

6 one-hour sessions of coaching are taken one every other week over 3 months.

Throughout the sessions we will explore aspects of your life that you feel will help in the process of future personal development. I will support you to achieve your aspirations and to unlock your potential.

Through communication and the use of coaching tools you will be able to see if you are living life to your own set of values, beliefs and rules.

I can help you to restore your confidence and achieve a sense of purpose and belonging in your new environment. I can help you gain direction, make connections and transfer skills.

This will assist you to enjoy the expat experience and take it as an opportunity to grow and develop.

A package of 6 sessions taken over a maximum time period of 3 months is £360.00.

One-off sessions at £60.00 per hour are available following course completion.

E-mail support is given throughout the programme as required, with a follow up e-mail to check on progress after completion of the course.

Urgent and weekend sessions or email support after course completion will incur an additional charge of £20.00.

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