Ruth has an amazing ability to listen and then ask key questions in order to help you move forward with goals and priorities to help you in different aspects of your life. She has a very logical approach and has a brilliant toolbox of strategies to guide you. She is very supportive and really helped me to take control of certain situations and make progress. I would highly recommend Ruth's coaching. It will help you to see things from another perspective and encourage you to make decisions which have the potential to be life-changing!

B.L. | Geneva

Ruth Colling is a great coach and very professional. I am very happy with the sessions that I had with her and I might continue as well from time to time. She has a natural talent to connect with people — from the first moment she understood me, she understood my problems and my wishes as well as my fears and the things that make me happy. Together we practised several exercises to help me to understand myself and my circumstances and I found these materials very challenging at times but of course very useful. Due to her talent and ability to understand and connect with people she can get straight to the point and understands the need to discuss issues. From the first minute of the first session you feel that she is helping you to change.

Thanks Ruth for this fantastic journey - I have rediscovered myself !  

M.B. | Spain

I didn’t even think I needed coaching, but it emerged very early on that there were areas for me to explore. I would recommend coaching to anyone, even if they weren’t sure how beneficial it would be. For me it was like having a coffee with a friend with the added bonus of tools and techniques to then help me solve my own issues.

Ruth made me feel comfortable talking about myself (which was a lot)! She is extremely good at listening and makes you feel comfortable enough to say what you need to without having to hold back.

I was impressed with Ruth’s ability to follow my numerous tangents, keep the conversation on track and remind me of why it was relevant.

I am so glad I have been through life coaching and specifically with Ruth.

I feel I have a better understanding of myself and my behaviours. Ruth made the whole process easy, even pleasurable.

I feel much stronger and empowered now. I use the tools Ruth provided me with to help me stick to my priorities and more importantly for me, to slow down and enjoy the process that is my life.

C.B. | Schaffhausen, Switzerland

I sought life coaching to try and help with my weight and confidence issues. Ruth encouraged me to dig deeper and help find what might be the root cause of these issues.

Without being forceful or leading me, I was encouraged to revisit memories that I had purposefully kept hidden. This has enabled me to see that a lot of the guilt I have carried around with me is not in fact my guilt, but inherited guilt. This has benefitted my whole life, especially in my family unit.

I now have coping mechanisms in place which help me to deal with trigger situations.

Ruth has used a variety of methods to aid me on my journey of discovery. I have uncovered things that I like about myself and this has boosted my confidence hugely.

I would definitely recommend Ruth as a life coach, her friendly and approachable nature puts you at ease. I will continue with Ruth as a life coach from time to time when I need a little help in finding and achieving my life's direction.

E.N. | Somerset, UK

I feel my mindset has changed through coaching with Ruth.

I believe I am capable of so much more now. From our work together I have learned to trust in myself. I have gained strength from each session and felt we found the key or solution to what I needed to do at that time.

I felt I got a lot of help from Ruth to accept myself and manage on my own. She helped me to manage and overcome a difficult period in my life. She showed me how to handle and overcome these problems within myself. She helped me to create and use a method which personally works for me and with these tools and techniques I feel I will never be down again.

Ruth is a good listener and asks the right questions to help you see your own solutions. She is motivating and helps you with setting up plans for your life. She also gave me enough time and support, even when I didn’t manage to do things the first time around.

I felt that Ruth really cares and motivates in the right proportions, never too demanding and always supportive; I didn’t feel forced to do anything. She helped me discover what I really want, what my barriers are, why they are there and how I could shift them. She helped me look at my problems from a different perspective.

I am really grateful for Ruth’s help and feel I could not have done this without her.

I now feel I can achieve anything, and quoting from the Chinese proverb:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

I feel Ruth has done this for me!

M.S. | Zurich, Switzerland

With Ruth’s help I explored some opportunities that I was not willing to do by myself and gained more clarity about what the next steps should be to achieve some of my life and career goals.

Ruth has a very strong professional background that makes her resilient and able to deal with difficult subjects.

She maintains interest in the client’s well-being and is a good listener. She can ask challenging questions but does not overstep boundaries or make you feel uncomfortable or that she is in your personal space.

This combined with her international experience makes her a unique and complete professional.

I would recommend Ruth as a coach as she has the skills to help people that are in a transitional period in their lives or need help with personal change.

L.C. | Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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